Mountainview Jam on WHRW’s The Signal

We had such a great time appearing on WHRW-FM’s show The Signal with Chris Kocher! Professor Dana Stewart and her husband/band mate Bob Rynone were joined by students Eli Jacobson (on bass), Bryan Delgado (on violin), and Ayden Mustehsan (guitar and vocals) in the WHRW studio. Ayden kicked off the show with a cover of “Wicked Game” (“No I don’t wanna fall in love,” originally by Chris Isaak), and then followed it up with an instrumental jam with Bob. Next Dana, Bob, and Bryan played a couple of Voodoo Highway songs: “Been a Long Time, Baby” and “Better Off Alone.” Then we all joined Eli on Eli’s original instrumental “(Untitled)” :-) After that we all played on Voodoo Highway’s “Whiskey and Blues” and then we finished up the first part of the show with another instrumental jam with everyone. The students all had to go study for their midterms after that, but Dana and Bob were able to stay and chat with Chris about the jam, and then play several more tunes (“Black Sheep of the Family,” “Walmart Killed Main Street,” “Mother Floodin’ Blues,” and “I Got My Mojo Workin'”). So much fun! Thanks to Chris and WHRW for having us! Click here to listen to the archived show and scroll down for some photos.

Mountainview Jam on the Radio

We are very psyched to announce that we will be on WHRW 90.5 Tuesday night (St. Patrick’s Day!) to talk about the jam with radio host Chris Kocher on his show “The Signal.” We’ll be chatting about the jam and will also be jamming with some student guests. Tune in from 7-8:30pm Tuesday to hear us, or check back here for the link to the archived show after the fact.

Mountainview Jam: Week 5 (3/8/15)

Great night at Mountainview Jam! Highlights included Bryan Delgado tearing it up on electric fiddle, great solo sets by CC Ryder and Brooke Albright, incredible bass and drums by Eli Jacobson, a fabulous surprise guest–Paul McDonald–on sax and harmonica, Steve Carlucci (another first-time-ever-performing player) blowing us away on congas, and Rob Wayman stepping out from behind the grill to serve up some rockin’ bluegrass! Also Timothy Wainwright (T-Daddy!) holding down the groove on bass, and Jack Moses rockin’ the keys for us! And of course Tom D’Angelo on drums, Bob Rynone on lead and slide guitar and vocals, and Professor Dana Stewart on rhythm guitar and vocals.

Click here for the Week 5 photo album. And here is the highlights video, featuring Can’t You See, Foxy Lady, Rocky Top, Sweet Home Chicago, Wagon Wheel, Johnny B Goode, Oye Como Va, and so much more!

Mountainview Jam: Week 4 (3/1/15)

Week 4 saw another snowstorm–in fact, we drove by some cross country skiers on our way up to Mountainview! Fortunately, it’s always perfect jamming weather in Appalachian Dining Hall! We had some special guests, including powerhouse country singer Brooke Albright (check her out on FB here), Andy Gorman joining us on bass (Dave “Brokenfinger” Lesso is out of commission for awhile!), Cody Carman on guitar, and Eli Jacobson playing guitar onstage for the first time ever (and also back on bass), and Zach Ford making his debut not just at our jam but on any stage! And of course the host band, featuring–along with Andy Gorman on bass–Tom D’Angelo on drums, Bob Rynone on lead and slide guitar and vocals, and Professor Dana Stewart on rhythm guitar and vocals.

Click here for the photo album, and check out the highlights video:

Mountainview Jam: Week 3 (2/22/15)

Week 3 and going strong! Players included Jack Moses (keys), Ayden M (guitar and vocals), Eli Jacobson (drums and bass), Louie Kane on drums, Ben Stewart-Rynone (congas), and of course Bob Rynone (lead and slide guitar and vocals), David Lesso (bass), Tom D’Angelo (drums and congas), and Professor Dana Stewart (guitar and vocals). Can’t wait for next week!

Click here for photos, and scroll down for the highlight video, which features: Whiskey and Blues (Voodoo Highway), Why (Voodoo Highway), Black Sheep of the Family (Voodoo Highway), and Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughn), all played by host band Voodoo Highway with Jack Moses; Evil Ways (Santana)–by request of the kitchen staff!–with Eli Jacobson on drums; Fire (Jimi Hendrix) also with Eli on drums (catch his hot solo near the end of the song) and Tom D’Angelo on congas; Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) with Eli switching to bass and funkin’ it up like there was no tomorrow… and Bob Rynone playing guitar with his teeth; Before You Accuse Me, Shake Your Moneymaker, and Sweet Home Chicago with Louie Kane on drums; Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (Rolling Stones) and In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Allman Brothers) played by Voodoo Highway with Jack Moses; then Ayden M. delivers two more stellar solo performances on Mirrors (Justin Timberlake) and Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran); then an instrumental jam with Ayden leading the band and totally shredding on guitar; and then the hosts bringing it home with Mojo. Great keys throughout by Jack Moses, and percussion at various points by Ben Stewart-Rynone! Host band Voodoo Highway with Bob Rynone on lead and slide guitar and vocals, Professor Dana Stewart on vocals and guitar, David Lesso on bass and Tom D’Angelo on drums and percussion.

Mountainview Jam: Week 2

At Week 2 of the jam, we had several special guests, including Kali Cornwell, an amazing ukulele artist (check out her YouTube page here), and Jack Moses and Tim T-Daddy Wainwright, members of the band Steam (check ‘em out here). Plus a couple of great student musicians, Aydan M (we didn’t quite get his full name!) and Eli Jacobson. Can’t wait for next week! Click on the link for a photo album, and scroll down for the highlight video.

Click here for a photo album

Mountainview Jam: Week 1

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first Mountainview Jam, on Feb. 8! We had a blast! Unfortunately, Faculty-in-Residence Dana Stewart was out with a bad back, but bandmates Bob Rynone, Dave Lesso, and Tom D’Angelo picked up the slack, and were joined by several awesome guests. We’ll be posting some more pictures and videos soon; in the meantime, here’s just one, plus a highlight video. Big thanks to all who played, including Mike and Jo Whitney, Jack Moses, Tim “T-Daddy” Wainwright, Thom Ormsby, and Jeremy Williams.