Mountainview Jam: Week 2

At Week 2 of the jam, we had several special guests, including Kali Cornwell, an amazing ukulele artist (check out her YouTube page here), and Jack Moses and Tim T-Daddy Wainwright, members of the band Steam (check ‘em out here). Plus a couple of great student musicians, Aydan M (we didn’t quite get his full name!) and Eli Jacobson. Can’t wait for next week! Click on the link for a photo album, and scroll down for the highlight video.

Click here for a photo album

Mountainview Jam: Week 1

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first Mountainview Jam, on Feb. 8! We had a blast! Unfortunately, Faculty-in-Residence Dana Stewart was out with a bad back, but bandmates Bob Rynone, Dave Lesso, and Tom D’Angelo picked up the slack, and were joined by several awesome guests. We’ll be posting some more pictures and videos soon; in the meantime, here’s just one, plus a highlight video. Big thanks to all who played, including Mike and Jo Whitney, Jack Moses, Tim “T-Daddy” Wainwright, Thom Ormsby, and Jeremy Williams.


Mountainview Jam

Mountainview Jam is here! It’s a weekly jam session/open mic held on Sunday evenings in the Appalachian Dining Hall throughout the Spring Semester of 2015 in Mountainview College at Binghamton University. It’s hosted by Binghamton University professor Dana Stewart and her band Voodoo Highway. The jam is a Mountainview activity, but, time-permitting, all Binghamton University students (and faculty and staff!) are welcome to perform, and all Binghamton University students, faculty, and staff are welcome to come listen! Join the Mountainview Jam at Binghamton University Facebook group to stay up-to-date on all the happenings!

Here is a playlist of some videos from the Promo Concert held at the end of last semester. Stay tuned for lots more videos when the jam starts up for real next week!

The INFORMATIONAL MEETING was held on Feb. 2 at 7pm in APP 111. If you missed it, join the Mountainview Jam Facebook Group and we will get you all caught up!


Check out this informational slideshow:

An informational concert by host band Voodoo Highway was held on Friday, December 12 at 6pm, in the Appalachian Dining Hall. We will soon have some videos of it up on the YouTube page.

The weekly jams will start up on Sunday, Feb. 8. Hope to see you there!